1. Army of Women

    launched in November 2008 to solicit volunteers for preventative breast-cancer research and now has more than a quarter million members.
  2. Children with Diabetes

    the online community for kids, families and adults with diabetes.
  3. Crohnsandme

    faux community for UCB's Crohn's disease drug Cimzia.
  4. Daily Strength

    the largest, most comprehensive health network of people sharing their advice, treatment experiences, and support on multple disease states and conditions.
  5. Healia

    health search engine and health communities.
  6. iGuard

    an on-line community providing users with real-time feedback on common and uncommon drug side-effects. A unique resource intended to allow patients to track their medication use and speed up Startup times for Phase IV post-marketing studies.
  7. Inspire

    organized health and wellness support groups.
  8. MedAd News

    Profiles of more than 100 Healthcare communication agencies and their networks.
  9. New Media Medicine

    Collaborations between doctors, patients, and communities will catalyze a revolution in human health
  10. Organized Wisdom

    the first human-powered health search with expert guides and physician reviewers.
  11. Patient Advocacy Groups

    links to patient advocacy, self-help groups for all conditions from A to Z.
  12. Patient Voices - AIDS and HIV

    an informative website
  13. Patient Voices - bipolar disorder

    an informative website
  14. Patient Voices - crohn's disease

    an informative website
  15. Patient Voices - MS

    an informative website
  16. Patient Voices - pancreatic cancer

    an informative website
  17. Patient Voices - psoriasis

    an informative website
  18. Patients Like Me

    social network for patients, "Patient helping patients live better every day".
  19. Pharma Gossip

    Updated daily and extremely resourceful on what is being said in the pharmaceutical industry. Feel free to gossip about the pharm big wigs here.
  20. Pink Together

    my space based breast cancer social network.
  21. Present Diabetes

    social network for diabetes care professionals.
  22. Research Match

    Provides people who are interested in participating in research the opportunity to be matched with studies that may be appropriate for them.
  23. Rx Hope

    comprehensive list pharmaceutical company-sponsored Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs).
  24. WegoHealth

    an interesting, open-source, healthcare blogspot "empowering health activists to help others".