1. Angry Pharmacist

    Rants and raves from a pharmacist that has seen and experienced nearly everything.
  2. Cafe Pharma

    The blog designed specifically for pharmaceutical sales representatives along with relevant news on the biotech and health industry.
  3. Everyone

    Everyone plos one community blog
  4. Eye on FDA

    Rx for Pharma Industries Communications and Planning.
  5. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine and Pharma

    Musings on medicinal ethics from Howard Brody, the director of the Institute for the Medical Humanities.
  6. In the Pipeline

    Derek Lowe, a major player in the pharmaceutical industry since 1989, comments on news and studies in the pharmaceutical industry and medicinal ethics quandaries.
  7. Jim Edwards' NRx

    Stories on the pharmaceutical industry that have yet to receive major news coverage by Jim Edwards.
  8. Pharm Exec Blog

    Global news for pharmacy executives and companies.
  9. Pharm-Land

    A blog, or self-named aggregator, based on revealing news and updates that may be unflattering to the pharmaceutical industry as well as patients.
  10. Pharmacist Daily

    Current information for anyone considering a career in pharmacy and discussions on the trials and tribulations pharmacists endure daily.
  11. Pharmacist's Place

    A pharmacy student shares experiences from training to become a professional as well as issues that those in the pharmacy profession face on a day-to-day basis.
  12. Pharmacy. Jim Plagakis. Pharmacist.

    Jim Plagakis blogs on the life and times of a pharmacist.
  13. Pharmed Out

    An independent and publicly funded project to encourage doctors to report and put a stop to unethical pharmaceutical promotions and marketing practices.