1. BNET Pharma News

    Pharmacy news and analysis by Jim Edwards.
  2. Business Week's Pharmaceutical Industry Blog

    This blog features news and insights on the pharmaceutical industry.
  3. Consumer Reports Health and Prescription Drugs Blog

    One of the most trusted sources in consumer advocacy, Consumer Reports updates its blog with pharmaceutical and health care news.
  4. Dividends & Preferences

    musings on Venture Capital, Technology and Entrepreneurship.
  5. Fierce Pharma

    The pharma industry's daily monitor, with a special focus on pharmaceutical company news and the market development of FDA approved products.
  6. Furious Seasons

    Consumer and industry news in medicine and health care.
  7. Health Beat

    blog from the author of Money-Driven Medicine: The Real Reason Health Care Costs So Much and Bull! A History of the Boom, 1982-1999.
  8. Hospital Impact

    Healthcare blog dedicated for current and emerging hospital leaders, thinkers, and enablers
  9. IN VIVO Blog

    Home of daily commentary on recent developments in biopharmaceutical business development, R&D, financing, marketing, and policy.
  10. Internet Drug News

    Daily updates on pharmaceutical news and information.
  11. KevinMD

    the home of provocative physician opinion and commentary on breaking medical news.
  12. Med Ad News Insider

    Advertising and industry news from PharmaLive.
  13. Pharma Blog Review

    Chris Truelove brings a bit of wit to the pharmacy and medicine company-geared blog.
  14. Pharma Marketing Blog

    Pharmaceutical industry and advertising news and opinion.
  15. Pharma Strategy Blog

    Sally Church blogs on how pharmacy companies can market products ethically and make a difference in health care.
  16. Pharma's Cutting Edge

    The cutting edge of biotech and pharmaceutical news from Pharma Growth Strategies, LLC.
  17. Pharmaceutical Blog

    An informational blog on pharmaceutical and medical research as well as new treatments and advice for diseases and conditions.
  18. PharmaceuticalLife SciencesIndustry Services, Globalization and Consultants

    Larry Rothman blogs about the bottom line focus of pharmaceutical companies and the effect globalization has on them.
  19. R&D Directions Insider

    News on the pharmaceutical world and what disease prevention means for consumers.
  20. Rx Times

    News and information about pharmacy as well as a listing of pharmacy jobs.
  21. Seeking Alpha: Biotech Sector

    Pharmaceutical news and investment advice in Seeking Alpha's Biotech Sector stock section.
  22. Seeking Alpha: Healthcare Sector

    Healthcare news and investment advice in Seeking Alpha's Healthcare Sector stock section.
  23. The Healthcare Blog

    one of the most respected independent voices in the healthcare industry (WSJ).
  24. The Legal RN:Medical-Legal information

    Medical-Legal information for the well informed Professional and Patient
  25. The Pacific Research Institute Healthcare Blog

    Mission: to champion freedom, opportunity, and personal responsibility for all individuals by advancing free-market policy solutions.
  26. The Pharma Compliance Blog

    a gathering place in which the GP and Compliance communities can exchange information and discuss issues in a safe and even anonymous environment.
  27. The Prescription Project's PostScript Blog

    An ongoing blog on pharmaceutical news with a legal perspective.
  28. The Wall Street Journal's Health Blog

    The WSJ's blog about health and the business of health.
  29. Word Press Blog Directory

    Blog Directory
  30. World of DTC Marketing

    blog site of former Lilly DTC exec, Richard Meyer.